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Brita Purity C150 Water Filter Cartridge

Brita Purity C150 Water Filter Cartridge

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The Brita Purity Finest C150 has been developed for better taste and better protection. The latest technology that reduces Total Hardness and the effects of harmful Chorides whilst maintaining a perfect PH , perfect for most water conditions and ideal for stainless steel boilers. Best used with a flow meter to ensure you can track the life of the filter.

The PURITY Finest C150 filtrate helps to produce the unique coffee aroma – especially in espressos and allows the body of the coffee to develop. The characteristics of the coffee crema are experienced in their full intensity.

The PURITY Finest C 150 filter cartridges reduce the total hardness in drinking water, thereby avoiding limescale and gypsum deposits in the downstream appliance. Calcium, magnesium and metal ions are selectively removed from the drinking water using the flow method. The filter material not only reduces cloudiness and organic pollutants, but also the level of substances that impair the smell and taste, such as chlorine residues in the filtrate and in the bypass water.

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