• Back in 2017, Ben, Pip and Donna stumbled into the world of coffee, almost by chance, when they acquired 10 coffee machines as a bonus when purchasing another business.

    At that time, the whole automatic coffee machine industry was antiquated. Machines featured basic push buttons without integrated smart technology.

  • "We definitely wouldn’t have classed ourselves as coffee connoisseurs back then" preferring to leave it up to local cafes to provide their fix. But Ben did what Ben does best, and pulled the machines apart to learn how they did what they did best…thankfully they went back together ok and a harmonious relationship was formed.

  • Following good ol’ Kiwi curiosity, here is where things started to get interesting....Why were local businesses so limited with these coffee choices, when staff and customers have such a range of diverse needs? Why were the existing (substandard) options so expensive? And, how could we integrate the latest coffee machine technology into the Kiwi market?

  • A lightbulb moment happened right there and then….we could fill the gap by matching companies with the right machine for their needs and give them a variety of coffee options. Once the cogs starting turning, there was no stopping us! From the humble 10, we now boast a fleet of 300 machines in workplaces across the South Island and we’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

  • Out technical capabilities have advanced as fast as our machine numbers and today you will find there are not many things we can't fix, when it comes to fully automatic coffee machines. We are proud suppliers of Necta, Saeco, Gaggia and Thermoplan coffee machines, brands we believe in and stand behind so regardless of the size, shape or needs of your business, we've got the perfect machine for you.

  • But, even the best quality machines wouldn’t be worth anything without delicious coffee beans so, we have partnered with the best NZ-owned coffee roasters including Coffee Worx, Common Good Coffee & Foundation Coffee, (just to name a few) to guarantee our customers receive the good stuff, the best drop!

  • Being Kiwi owned we are massively motivated by supporting local and providing the very best Kiwi products to our fellow Kiwis.

  • So, a huge shoutout for dropping by and checking us out! We're always up for new coffee adventures and would be thrilled to partner with you to elevate your workplace coffee experience.

  • Interested? Don't hesitate to fill out our 'Contact Us' form, and our team will be in touch. Here's to amazing coffee and exciting partnerships ahead!

  • Where did the name Fika come from? When starting our journey, we started to unpack exactly what benefit having a coffee break at work actually provided to people? We knew it was so much more than just consuming a delicious beverage for a quick pick me up...

  • In Sweden, a coffee break is called "Fika," signifying so much more than just stopping for a coffee. It recognises and celebrates the social aspect, the rejuvenating power of downtime, and the creative boost gained from gathering with others over coffee. Check out this cool video to find out more about the origin of Fika!

How to Fika in Sweden