Our Team

Business Developer


In addition to managing our team and scouring the globe for the highest spec. and most reliable coffee equipment, fika's business developer Ben is partial to a hot chocolate. He would also like to make time to fit in a round of golf once in a while.

Operations Specialist


Whilst preparing customer orders, managing inventory levels, and controlling goods logistics, operations specialist Johan is your friendly go-to-man at fika. During his free time, you'll either find him with a chai latte in hand, or with gloves on in the boxing ring.

Operations Technician


With almost 15 years experience as a qualified electrician, operations technician Matt fills his days installing and maintaining fika's coffee equipment. Matt's beverage of choice is a long black and outside of work, he dabbles backstage in NZ's film industry.

Marketing Coordinator


A creative streak, bumped Pippa into her role as marketing co-ordinator. She works on publications, fika's online store and product trials. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her young daughter, and sipping a caramel latte, especially if it's still hot.

Accounts Administrator


A wizz with numbers, accounts administrator Donna handles things like payments, and customer leases. Donna has a big heart, loves spending quality time with her family and is always up for a classic flat white from her keep cup.



Alongside delivering, displaying, and rotating consumables, as merchandiser, Ashleigh is key to identifying snack and coffee market trends. Her favourite favourite pass times include drinking mochaccino's, spending time with friends and being a mum.

Warehouse Supervisor


All star Miles, oversees day-to-day co-ordination of fika's warehouse staff, and enjoys tinkering on machines. His favourite drink is a hot chocolate and after work, he likes walking his dog Reggie or being creative in the garden.